Branch of the Institute of Nuclear Physics
Scientific activity.

Still main direction of BINP scientific activity is realization of fundamental scientific researches in the field of development of linear accelerators on superhigh energy for conducting of researches in the field of physics of elementary particles.

In collaborations with other scientific centers, BINP carries out researches in the following areas:

The set of experiments on the beam focusing and diagnosis on the Linear Collider Final Focus System prototype.

Experimental test of the extreme possibilities of the electron beam focusing at energy 50 GeV.

The special equipment elaboration and new diagnostic method development for beam diagnosis at Interaction Point.

Research and development of the method of the adaptive alignment of the Linear Collider magnetic elements.

The new type of the high precision Submicron Beam Position Monitor development. This monitor is based on the RF fields analysis which is inducing by the beam in accelerating structure.

Research, development and manufacturing of the relativistic klystron serial sample for the Linear Collider. Within the bounds of this problem the applied program for simulation of electron guns - DGUN is developped.

Creation and test of the Power Multiplier for the high-efficiency RF power source.

Creation of the proton synhrotron for the radiation treatment of the oncological deseases (TRAPP).